Eva Tind was born in 1974 in Pusan, Korea. She came to Denmark as a one-year-old and grew up in Låsby in Jutland, Denmark. She now lives in Copenhagen. Eva Tind was educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2001. She works in the interdisciplinary field of film, fine art, architecture and literature.

Eva Tind reflects on the whole concept of identity, often through verse, prose, dialogues, documentary material and pictures. Through the experimental forms the work highlights how the world can seem very different depending on who is looking at it and from where. The complexity of the work as a whole lies in the intricate interplay between one form of expression, one perspective, scale, genre, theme or language and another, between the personal and the universal. In Eva Tind’s work, identity unfolds itself in a new directions, and explores the nature of belonging and the way in which we forge our own identity – how much of it is shaped by our environment and what is internal.

Eva Tind was awarded The Klaus Rifbjerg Debutant Prize for Poetry by The Danish Academy in 2010. She has received grants and support for her work from several private Foundations, Danish Film Directors, Danish Arts Foundation – Literature and Art, National Arts Council, Danish Authors Association, Klitgården, San Cataldo and National Workshops for Arts.