When the 67-year-old Nitta from Copenhagen is diagnosed with cancer in the terminal stage, she packs up her 100 diaries and drives to a holiday cottage in Sweden to burn them. The burning is for Nitta a dignified way to say goodbye to her lifes confidential companion, the diaries. Celestial Ship is a poetic documentary about parting with life. The film was shot on one winter day in February 2012. The film unfolds a nonverbal universe, often ordinary dialogue is removed or pictures and sound isolated from each other, so that two parallel universes are created in the same scene. It emphasizes that reality is personal matter, it is always a mix of private experience and what actually happened. Facing death the individual is left in silence, this is where the Celestial Ship takes over.

The film premiered in ‘Husets biograf’ in Copenhagen and was last displayed in Bharat Nivas, The Indian Pavilion in Auroville, India.

Title: Himmelskibet / Celestial Ship

Year: 2014

Director: Eva Tind

Photographer: Eva Tind

Producer: Stine Meldgaard

Editor: Bodil Kjærhauge

Sound director: Jacques Pedersen

Grader: Adalsteinn Halgrimsson

Music: Jomi Massage

Graphics: Jess Andersen

Translation: Barbara J. Haveland

Facilities: Zentropa, Ghost, Kong Gulerod, Beofilm, Tonemestrene

Thanks to: Nitta, Natalia, Peter and Jonathan.