This exhibition was created for the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death 5th August 1962. Marilyn Monroe is known from the iconic pictures and the myth of the blonde movie star who grew out of Hollywood’s dream factories. The exhibition Mirror Mirror is an attempt on liberating Marilyn Monroe. The exhibition is created by Eva Tind and Sidse Carstens together with designer Kristina Søndergaard and triggers reflections on myth-making and celebrity worshipping, staging and physical expression.

In the series Gesture Eva Tind isolates and mirrors pictures of Marilyn Monroe’s arms and thereby reflects on how physical and visual staging is created. In a collaboration between Eva Tind and Kristina Søndergaard the images of Marilyn’s arm gestures is transferred into the three-dimensional form of clothing. The fluttering, hanging and stretched arms become expressions of the body’s energy and expressive force.

In the video Contact Sidse Carstens seeks to change our collective awareness of Marilyn Monroe through rituals and manifestations in collaboration with performance artist Ramona Macho and a spiritual medium.