Foto Frida Gregersen

The sculpture SOW was exhibited at the National Gallery of Denmark for one year as a part of the children’s exhibition Life and Death together with Torben Ebbesens House for flies.

It was also part of the exhibition APART in 2011, where Eva Tind, Signe Adrian, Diana Velasco, Rebecca Arthy & Pernille Bøggild entered a private apartment in Copenhagen to explore and exhibit the residents’ hair, shadows and family structure through various artifices such as video, painting, photography, sculpture, installation and visual poetry. What is art and what is real? Eva Tind exhibited a series of cutlet-poems and the sculpture-blanket SOW.

Working with the place and its relationship with the sculpture. Eva Tind made a photo series returning with the pig to the farmland where it grew up but instead of entering the pigsty, the so is places as a trophy in front of the fire place in the fine living room of the lords. The photos were displayed on Art Copenhagen 2011 and Art Herning 2010. It was also exhibited at Mohs Gallery in 2012.